ALI RAE V. LUCIE VYVIX I – a tale of two adorable young casters

On a cold winter evening, ALI RAE was standing in her garden, gazing up at the night sky. She watched as the white moon shone brightly amongst the stars above. However, what she didn’t know was that there were two other moons in orbit – one red and one black – visible only to those who practiced foul and uncontrollable magicks.

Meanwhile, LUCIE VYVIX was also looking up at the heavens from her home far away. She could see both of these moons which no-one else on Earth could see; she belonged to an order of dark magicians known as the Black Order. Lucie had been studying spells for years now and had become very powerful with them; she used her gifts often to benefit herself rather than others.

It was a typical Monday morning at the high school and Ali Rae, 13 years old, walked into her first period class. She had just been accepted to the White Order of magic users, an exclusive club that only allowed those with pure hearts and intentions to join in their practice of white magic. As she took her seat in the back corner of the classroom, she noticed Lucie Vyvix sitting two rows ahead of her.

Lucie was 14 years old and a member of the Black Order – an order devoted to mastering dark magic for their own selfish needs. There was something about Lucie that made Ali feel uneasy; it seemed like no matter where they were or what they were doing there was always some kind of tension between them.

The teacher began lecturing on ancient history but both Ali and Lucie found themselves distracted by each other’s presence in the room. Suddenly, without warning, Lucie slammed her fist down onto her desk causing everyone to look up from their notes in shock. The teacher scolded Lucie for disrupting class but she simply shrugged it off with an air of nonchalance as if nothing happened at all.

Afterwards when classes ended for lunch break Ali decided to confront Lucie about why she had acted so impulsively during class earlier today – after all it wasn’t like her usual behavior at all! Ali attempted to confront Lucie, however no questions were answered. Just as Ali found the nerve to began her hastily rehearsed line of questioning, she was cut off. Lucie had challenged Ali into a race around campus during lunchtime which would determine who truly held more power between them: light or dark? Being quite competitive herself (and also feeling an attraction in all this sudden tension) Ali agreed immediately much to the excitement (and surprise)of some students nearby who heard everything going on between them!

When Ali had heard about Lucie’s power a year earlier, she decided it would be wise to use her own magical abilities against this formidable foe before things got out of hand. Ali knew that although Lucie may have been able to perform powerful spells using dark magic, true strength came from white magic which harnessed energy from all three moons rather than just one or two like dark magic did; the magic of life and light was more complex but ultimately more powerful when used correctly by someone experienced enough in its use such as Ali herself..

So Ali set off on a journey across lands unknown in search of ancient knowledge that could help strengthen her powers even further so that when faced with Lucie again she would be prepared for whatever challenge lay ahead. After months of travelling she finally reached a monastery where monks taught students how to master their craft through meditation and practice each day under their guidance; here is where Ali learnt how to control all three lunar energies within her own being so that she could call upon any type of spell needed in battle if ever necessary..

Eventually after mastering all three types of lunar energy Ali returned home for the new school year feeling confident about facing Lucie armed with great powers thanks to her newfound knowledge about white magic!

And now they were on campus, lined up, waiting desperately for the signal to run. This was no normal race, this was a public demonstration. A chance to prove once and for all what magical flavor was the best of all.

Lucie was bitter. It was not fair that ALI RAE had not only the ability tap into multiple magical streams simultaneously, but also a strong sense morality to guide her. LUCIE VYVIX felt very deeply her lack of moral compass in the loss. It wasn’t just a race, it was a repudiation. More infuriating, white magic is indeed more potent than its counterparts since it allows those who weave it to access many different kinds magical energies that allow for the most intricate spells to be cast within a clear ethical framework.

Lucie studied twice as hard that evening.



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