Before you date a witch, make sure you are ready for the realities of Witch-Dating.

Are you thinking of dating a witch? You might want to reconsider. Here are the top ten reasons why witches make bad girlfriends:

1. They’re Always Casting Spells – Witches are known for their magical abilities, and that can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to relationships. While they may be able to help you out with spells of good fortune, they’re also likely to cast curses on your enemies (or even on you!).

2. Jealousy Is A Problem – As with any relationship, jealousy is always an issue that needs to be addressed. With witches, however, this problem can become magnified due to their ability to use magic against those who cross them or compete for their affections.

3. It Can Be Hard To Trust Them – When it comes down to it, there’s no way of knowing what kind of spells a witch has up her sleeve at any given time – so trusting her completely can be difficult at best… and dangerous at worst!

4. Their Powers Make Them Unpredictable – Witches have access to powerful forces that most people don’t understand – which means they often act in ways that seem unpredictable or irrational from our perspective as mortals. This makes them hard partners in any kind of long-term relationship where stability and reliability are key components for success!

5. They May Not Take Your Feelings Into Account – Magic is all about getting results quickly without taking into account other people’s feelings or opinions – meaning if your girlfriend is using it too often then she may not take yours into consideration either!

6. They Can Get Easily Distracted By Their Crafts And Rituals – Witchcraft requires dedication and focus; therefore if your girlfriend spends too much time practicing her craft then she won’t have enough left over for the relationship itself !

7. Their Friends Are Just As Mysterious As They Are – Most witches come with an entourage made up of mysterious characters like warlocks, vampires and fairies…all of whom could potentially cause problems between the two lovebirds if not handled properly!

8. They May Keep Secrets From You – The world of magic holds many secrets which could lead your partner keeping things from you just because she thinks it’s better kept hidden away from mortal eyes… not exactly ideal in terms of trust building within relationships!

9. You’ll Have To Compete For Attention Against Her Coven – Witch covens require loyalty first and foremost; so if your partner’s loyalties lie more strongly with her coven than with you then expect some serious competition for attention within the relationship dynamic… it could get ugly fast!.

10. It Could Put You In Danger – Last but certainly not least: depending on what type of witchcraft we’re talking about here (white vs black) there’s always the potential danger involved when dealing with such powerful energies… so proceed with caution before committing yourself fully into such a volatile situation!

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