Having witches over for the holidays? HIDE YOUR BABIES!!!

As Halloween approaches, many families are welcoming witches into their homes to celebrate the spooky season. But as new parents, it’s important to remember that witches should be kept away from small children.

Witches can be unpredictable and dangerous. They often use dark magic and possess powerful spells that could put a child in harm’s way if they were to cross paths with them. Even the most harmless of witches can still cause unintentional harm, such as using hexes or curses on a small child without knowing it.

So what should you do if a witch is coming over for the holidays? First off, make sure your baby is always supervised when around any kind of witch – even those who appear friendly and harmless at first glance. Keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior or strange activities taking place near your little one while the witch is around – this includes things like spell-casting or chanting unknown words in their presence. If anything seems off, take immediate action by removing your baby from the situation right away!

It’s also wise to keep certain items out of reach of any visiting witches as well – items like pacifiers, rattles, bottles and other toys should all be placed somewhere safe where they won’t get “accidentally” enchanted by an overzealous guest! Finally, never leave your baby alone with a witch under any circumstances; not only could this put them in danger but it could also result in some serious emotional trauma for both parties involved!

At times like these when witches come knocking on our doors during Halloween festivities (or anytime throughout the year!), keeping our babies safe becomes top priority – so don’t forget to take extra precautionary measures when hosting visitors who practice witchcraft in order to protect your precious little ones!

P.S. Here are three tips to cleanse your home of potential negative energies after family witches leave:

  1. Make sure to open all windows and doors in the house for a few minutes – this will help release any lingering energy left behind by the witch’s presence.
  2. Light some sage or incense sticks around your home; these can help clear out any remaining bad vibes while also helping you relax and feel more at ease in your own space once again!
  3. Finally, take a few moments to meditate and visualize white light filling up each room of the house – this is said to bring in positive energy that will replace any negativity that may have been brought into your home by the witch’s visit!

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