Manifesting chaos via a traditional spellweaving framework

1. Begin by grounding yourself, either through meditation or some other centering activity. This helps you to create a connection with the energies of the Earth and will assist in your spellcasting.

2. Set up an altar for this ritual, using items that are meaningful to you and relate to your intent for the spell (e.g., candles, crystals, symbols).

3. Invoke any deities or spirits who may be relevant to your spellwork (e.g., gods/goddesses associated with chaos magic). You can also call upon any spiritual guides who have been helping you on your path thus far as well as any ancestors whose assistance could be beneficial during this ritual.

4. Create a magical container for your spell. This can be done through visualization or by drawing a circle with salt on the ground.

5. Begin chanting and/or drumming to raise energy, focusing it upon the purpose of your spellwork. The chant should be simple yet powerful, as this will help you to maintain focus while working within the chaos magic framework.

6. Visualize yourself in a chaotic landscape where anything is possible and reality is malleable – imagine what it would look like, feel like, smell like etc…

7. Speak aloud or mentally whatever words are necessary for your intent (e.g., “I call forth energies of chaos that I may manifest my desires”).

8. Release the energy that has been raised during this ritual into the ether so that it may bring about change according to its own will (e..g., “So mote it be!”).

9. Close down any portals opened during this ritual and thank all those who assisted you in its completion before leaving your sacred space.

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