What is the 3x rule in Magick?

Speaking to a young caster recently it was stated that the 3x rule in magick is a principle that suggests you should perform any spell or ritual three times for maximum effect. This means repeating the same spell, action, or intention each day over a period of three days to amplify the effects. This rule can be applied to any type of magickal practice, from spellcasting and meditations to creating charms and talismans.

I was in total awe. It is not clear where all these feral magicians are coming from, let alone who (or what) is training them but I had to set them straight: the rule of 3 (3x rule) states that you get back 3x what you put out.

Think about that for a moment. When you bless others, 3x the blessing comes back. When you point the dark arts on others, you are also pointing them at yourself.

For this reason those who have not achieved mastery in their arts should stay far away from working with and focusing negative energies in their routines. Many a powerful caster has fallen to evil they themselves set in motion. The only practitioners of VooDoo who learn old age are those who learn to duck.

Truth be told, I think the confusion stems generally from the fact that process driven casters and witches DO often manifest their intentions in groups or sequences of three. Positive energy is friendly to repetition.

Positive Example: A witch is wanting to manifest a new job. She lights a candle, meditates on the outcome she desires, and sets an intention for it every day for three days. Negative Example: A witch wants revenge on someone who hurt her. She casts a spell of vengeance against them each day for three days without considering the consequences of her actions.

It is important to avoid this latter scenario as the consequences can be monumental. Those who may not be able to predict the underlying nature of their spellworks, such as chaos and emotional magicians, should be careful when chain-casting if a negative magic is conjured. At this point it is often prudent to spend some time saging and decompressing so as to allow energies to still and dissipate.

Wizards should absolutely be concerned about unintended consequences. Magick is powerful and can have unforeseen results if not used responsibly. It is important to consider the potential outcomes of any spell or ritual before casting it, as well as to set protection wards around yourself and your space in order to protect against negative energy.

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