We were surprised to learn which celebrities are most likely to be behind the scenes spell-weavers!

Are you a fan of magic, mystery, and the unknown? Well then this article is for you! We’ve rounded up 10 celebrities who we think would be most likely to be wizards in real life. From their mysterious behavior to their magical talents, these famous faces could definitely use some wands or brooms if they were living in a wizarding world.

1. Taylor Swift – Between her epic music videos and enchanting lyrics, it wouldn’t surprise us if Taylor Swift was secretly a powerful sorceress. She has an incredible talent for captivating fans with her songs — almost like she’s casting spells through her music! Plus, have you ever seen those sparkles that seem to follow her around? They could totally be fairy dust…

2. Tom Cruise – We all know Tom Cruise loves taking on daring roles in action movies — but what if he was actually just channeling his inner wizard while filming them? He already looks like he knows some pretty impressive martial arts moves; imagine how much more awesome they would look with some magical powers involved!

3. Jennifer Lawrence – It doesn’t take much imagination to picture Jennifer Lawrence as an ambitious witch studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry — she’s got the perfect blend of intelligence and wit needed for such a role! Plus, there’s no denying that she has the perfect bone structure for wearing pointy hats (and looking absolutely fabulous doing so).

4. Leonardo DiCaprio – There’s something about Leonardo DiCaprio that screams “wizard” from miles away: His piercing blue eyes always seem to see things beyond our realm of understanding; his enigmatic smile can make even non-believers believe; and his passion for environmentalism makes us think he might just have access to nature-based magic spells too!

5. Rihanna – If anyone had actual magical abilities it would probably be Rihanna – not only does she have an incomparable voice but also seems able to charm people with just one glance or song lyric! She also has impeccable style which could easily translate into spellbinding fashion choices — somehow we don’t doubt that RiRi knows exactly what kind of robes are required when attending potions class…

6. Emma Watson – With brains as sharp as hers, Emma Watson seems like someone who’d excel at mastering any sort of sorcery techniques necessary in order become a true master wizard or witch — plus we can totally picture Hermione Granger making an amazing comeback as part two now grown up version of herself (with wand included!).

7. Ryan Gosling – Not only does Ryan Gosling possess extraordinary good looks (which is always helpful when trying out new spells!), but he also oozes charisma – which could come quite handy during duels against dark forces! Plus let’s not forget about his acting chops either – surely being able pull off playing both dramatic & comedic scenes requires certain level skill usually found among top tier magicians!?

8. Blake Lively – Her gorgeous hair alone proves Blake Lively deserves consideration here since long locks are often associated with power & wisdom within many ancient cultures… But apart from having excellent hairstyle game, we bet Ms Lively must know few tricks when it comes down creating beautiful illusions by using nothing else than pure glamour & grace!!

9. Beyoncé Knowles Carter – Queen Bey is known far & wide for possessing royal beauty & grandeur so naturally we assume there must me something supernatural going on beneath those stunning curls!! Surely commanding legions devoted followers takes lot more than mere mortal strength?? After all B stands for “Beyonce The Sorceress ” right? 😉

10. Justin Bieber – Last but certainly not least, Justin Bieber! Many may find idea him being capable wielding arcane forces bit hard swallow however once recognize young man boundless energy & enthusiasm, it becomes clear why Biebs should rank high list potential wizards!! Who else better figure out complex incantations needed summon hordes screaming Beliebers after all??

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